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Why We Write

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt (CC BY 2.0)

Below are some of the responses that you gave to the question why do you write? [my bold emphases added]

I write to make sense of dreams. I write to flesh out ideas that will otherwise evaporate. I write whenever I give an assignment to my students—I’ve promised them that I will never give them an assignment that I wouldn’t do myself. I write to remember my childhood and so that my children and theirs will know it, too. I write to smooth out ideas. I write articles (but only when I’m asked to, for some reason). ~ Jane

I write because I’m amazed at what comes out when I do. The proverbial pen seems to tell me ideas rather than me telling it. ~ Deborah

I write because it’s fun, I enjoy it. Sometimes I still write even when it’s not fun, because it can help to write down difficult feelings, or work through a problem, but that’s more for the journal, or maybe a poem. I write to communicate, to entertain, to inform, to connect. I write because I can, because I must, because I want to. ~ Annette

I write for proof that I exist. ~ Laurel

It doesn’t get much more inspiring than that! Thanks, everyone.

Try it yourself, this time in 10 words or fewer: Why do YOU write? #WhyIWrite

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