Book Update: Create a Writing Life

With one week to go in the blog series, I am happy to show you my latest book cover idea (tada!):

After mulling over and discarding many titles (and even more images), I like Create a Writing Life for three reasons:

CREATE: A life of writing doesn’t just happen (serendipity) nor is it the result of following a one-size-fits-all formula. We each create our own writing life based on our desires and dreams, our goals and interests, our personalities and talents. Creative thinking theory and psychology can help us to design and follow a plan that works for each one of us.

WRITING: We can plan and think all we want, but, in the end, it all comes down to writing. Writing every day (or at least regularly). Writing what we want to write, for our own reasons. Prioritizing our writing even when life gets crazy or no one else understands.

LIFE: Why do we write? Many of us feel we simply have no choice. Writing gives our life meaning, regardless of acclaim or public success.

I am continuing to work on the ebook idea based on this series with plans to have it ready sometime in 2015 (blog subscribers will be the first to receive pre-publication copies). The final ebook and paperback will be available this fall, and I will be sending blog subscribers links to free pre-publication ebook copies at the end of September. Thank you to everyone for your continued reading and input!

What about you? What are your writing plans for the final month of summer?

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