Sunday Links for Writers, April 29

Need some motivation or a new perspective? Be sure to bookmark and read this week’s recommended links for writers.

1. From Joanna Penn at The Creative Pen, an article and video interview, “You Are a Writer. Act Like One. With Jeff Goins

“Jeff has a great Writer’s Manifesto and he also has a new ebook out soon ‘You are a writer. Start acting like one.’ He personally fights this battle every day and when he loses, nothing is shared with the world. Forget for a moment what everyone else thinks. Forget about publishing or sales, and just focus on writing for the love of it. The outcome doesn’t determine the process. Focus on the craft and anything that comes later is icing on the cake.” Read More

2. From Michael Hyatt, a podcast on “Is Work-Life Balance Really Possible?” (it’s worth it to get through all of the speaking engagement announcements at the beginning):

“In this podcast episode, I talk about work-life balance and whether or not it is really possible. In fact, I question the balance metaphor itself and pose an alternative that better describes what our focus should be.” Read and Listen

3. From Tony Schwartz, a Harvard Business Review article on how “Stress Is Not Your Enemy“:

“Most of us instinctively run from discomfort, but struggle equally to value rest and renewal. We operate instead in a gray zone, rarely fully engaged and rarely deeply relaxed.” Read More

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