This and That and the Other Thing

packing boxesMy original timetable for unpacking and sorting through stacks of virtual moving boxes after switching to a self-hosted blog has morphed from a few days to a few weeks, with unexpected benefits. As I find myself in no hurry to decide on a final design or organization, I also have the time to think more deeply about where blogging fits into my writing life at the moment, and the best way to balance social media writing with other writing. At the moment I am leaning toward a once-a-week posting schedule here, but who knows what May will bring?

Meanwhile, here are a few tidbits to enjoy and share:

  • Jessica Zappia, a friend and an amazing woman, serves up lessons in being fearless and a lasagna recipe from Milwaukee’s own Ristorante Bartolotta in her guest post today at Writing Up an Appetite.
  • Katherine Wikoff, another friend (and another amazing woman), has a brand new blog with an intriguing first post about why she thinks in terms of “up a chimney down.” You won’t want to miss it!
  • My recent Psychology Today Creative Synthesis blog post on “High School Years: College Prep or Life Prep?” (an adapted excerpt from A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Teens) has had some of the most traffic of any of my PT posts to date. The topic is so very important in the increasingly competitive world of college applications.
  • Finally, I am very happy to be co-chair of the conference committee that is bringing SENG’s (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) 2012 Conference—Shining Light on Giftedness: Empowering Families and Communities—to my own city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Check out our many programs, keynote speakers, children’s and teens’ opportunities, and continuing education options. Register by May 1st to take advantage of early bird pricing and have a chance to win one of several SENGinar packages. I hope to see some of you in July!
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