“See Also” the Adirondack Review

Happy Friday!

You can read my short story “See Also” in the new online spring issue of The Adirondack Review.

Today, rather than try to post during the day, I’m going to focus on taking notes and soaking in AWP conference sessions and extensive exhibits, and perhaps share a few thoughts on Twitter (you can follow the conference on Twitter using the hashtag #awp12). If all goes well, I will post a summary this evening.

My tentative schedule includes sessions on the fiction chapbook, writing for young adults, readings from the National book Critics Circle (including Jane Smiley), historical fiction, and writing about the prairie.

4 thoughts on ““See Also” the Adirondack Review

  1. thank you for that fabulous story …. I can see the indexer, on the bench, grief tickling his back like the initial far-away shaking of a tsunami. LOVED it!

    • Emma, thank you!! I really appreciate your thoughts, especially on the overwhelming nature of the character’s emotions.

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