You don’t have to do everything: Thursday afternoon at AWP

Here are a few links and takeaways from the two sessions I attended Thursday afternoon at the AWP Conference and Book Fair.

A Reading from the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop Instructors

The readers’ websites and information:

David Baker
Nancy Zafris
Rebecca McClanahan
Carl Phillips

Listen to “Annual Conference: 8,000 Writers Expected,” by Rebecca McClanahan

The Tech-Empowered Writer

Check out the panelists’ blogs for some of their thoughts and resources:

Christina Katz
Seth Harwood
Jane Friedman
Robert Lee Brewer

Some of their suggestions:

You don’t have to do everything (Robert).

You don’t have to do things that aren’t comfortable for you (Seth).

Put your purpose and message first, and let your use of social media and other tech serve it (Jane).

You may not be able to take all of your friends from real life with you to your tech homes, but you can find other people interested in what you are writing or are interested in (Christina).

Next stops: Dinner, then Margaret Atwood.

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  1. Ah, you made the social media panel, I’m sure it was great. I went to a similar one at last year’s AWP, and as you point out, you don’t have to do everything! Thanks for the takeaways.

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