Widget Mania

I love widgets! For anyone who doesn’t blog, “widgets” is the term used for all of the applications that appear on the sidebars of blogs , such as subscription buttons, image boxes, lists of recent comments, and so on.

I Heart BlogsWidgets are wonderful ways to strengthen connections in the blogosphere and to share links to other resources. For example, I recently added a couple of widgets to the right sidebar that I want to call your attention to.

  1. Recent Comments. Here you can not only see at a glance the most recent comments made on this blog, but, more important, you can click right through to the blogs of the commenters, if they have provided a link.
  2. Featured Blogs. Each week I’ll highlight two or three blogs that I enjoy, and, again, you can click right through to their most recent posts. This week’s picks are Wisconsin writers Pam Parker, E. Victoria Flynn, and Christi Craig.


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