Links for Writers: Comments, Confidence, Caretakers, and Spain

Links for WritersFour terrific blog posts to pass along today (and, yes, I left comments 🙂 ).

From Jody Hedlund: On Commenting on Blog Posts

In fact, sometimes it’s okay to say just a few words, to keep it brief, and to say something like, “I agree” or “Thanks for the tips.” Of course, it’s ideal when a blogger can pick out something specific within the post to comment about. But most of the time it’s better to say something small, than to say nothing at all, because . . . Read More

From Erin Reel: “The Difference Between Blind Ambition and Educated Confidence” (Be sure to check out Erin’s lovely new website design!)

If you’re a fiction or a nonfiction writer, create a business plan – you are a small business owner. What realistic steps will you need to take to eventually earn money from your craft? The plan is your map, flashlight and compass through this forest… Read More

From Ollin Morales: “Becoming the Caretaker of Your Soul”

Each forward movement, even if it is a half an inch thick, will move a mountain in your writing and in your life. And maybe at the end of it all, you will see that mountain at the other end of the valley from where you first saw it, and then you can let out a delicious sigh and say… Read More

From Michi at I Heart Mondegreens: A Lovely Word and Photo Post about Traveling with Her Father in Spain

So I had my dad sit and rest by a pretty arco de triunfo (a trademark in most European cities) while I scrambled around doe-eyed asking pretty-please for directions and bus lines back to our hotel… Read More

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