New Stories and Poetry from Hidden Timber Books

I am interrupting my extended blog hiatus to announce two new fall titles from Hidden Timber Books, now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble online, and just in time for winter reading and holiday giving! I love these stories and poems more than I can say.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

In her bold debut collection of poems, Yvonne Stephens writes about nature, loss, change, hope, motherhood and family with honesty, courage, sensitivity, and moments of keen existential humor. Stephens’ poetry offers a welcome respite from and insight into what it means to live well and with authenticity in the 21st century.

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Carol Wobig writes with unfailing sensitivity and empathy and in language that rings clear and true. In these seventeen stories and monologues, Wobig introduces us to grieving widows and questioning nuns, daughters intent on saving their mothers and mothers unsure how to save their children, each of whom faces the question we all must ultimately ask: how to save ourselves. Her characters and their experiences will live in the minds and hearts of readers long after the last page is turned.

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  1. Congrats Lisa. It’s good to hear from you and great to know that these two books have come to fruition. Happy Holidays!

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