Manoush Zomorodi’s “Note to Self” and “Bored and Brilliant”

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My job as a back-of-the-book indexer has as a perk the chance to read books I otherwise may have never stumbled upon—and before they are published. One recent title that caught my attention is Manoush Zomorodi’s Bored and Brilliant (forthcoming by St. Martin’s Press). Zomorodi’s podcast, Note to Self, covers issues of technology from a human perspective, and Bored and Brilliant is based on a series of challenges she issued to her listeners in 2015.

While not specifically about writing, both Note to Self and Bored and Brilliant offer information and inspiration for anyone doing creative work, especially if you are seeking ideas for how to manage our 21st-century digital life. The video below offers an introduction to Zomorodi’s “Bored and Brilliant” challenge as well as her “Infomagical” series designed to help with information overload. I’d love to hear what you think and if any of the suggestions or challenges are useful in your writing life. (Watch for a TED Talk by Zomorodi coming soon, as well.)


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    • I agree. It’s terrific! I love Manoush’s tone–so much of what people write or say about digital time management is preachy or condescending, but she comes across as authentic and truly wanting to share and discover new ideas.

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