The privilege of a lifetime

My husband mentioned that psychologist Carl Jung was born today (July 26) in 1875, just as I was trying to think of a good quotation with which to preface some photos to share here:

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~ Carl Jung

Last week we bought some zinnias to brighten up our front step. I tried to choose plants that had both some existing color and plenty of buds yet to open, and as the photos below show—one each from the past four mornings—we weren’t disappointed. In reviewing the photos today, I thought about how easy it is to miss the clear but small growth and blossoming we all make from day to day.

Sunday self-reflection: How have I made progress this summer toward being who I truly am, even in small ways or in places that no one else sees?

  • Day One
    Day One
  • Day Two
    Day Two
  • Day Three
    Day Three
  • Day Four
    Day Four

2 thoughts on “The privilege of a lifetime

  1. Oh, Lisa! Growth, becoming who I was meant to be, designed to be, has been quite the quest for me, too! I attended SENG these past few days just to feel the warmth and acceptance of sensitive, caring people as I moved through another layer of understanding and healing. Thanks for posting this!

    ~ Deborah R.

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