Darcy’s Excellent Adventure (new betta in his new home)

And now for something completely different.

I tried to take a video of Darcy, our new betta fish (with whom I am already in love),  as soon as he was introduced into his tank, but not until the end did I realize that my phone was accidentally set to “time lapse.” The error was serendipitous as it  better illustrates his reaction: several minutes are collapsed to 35 seconds. This was immediately after I transferred him from a smaller bowl (and, before that, from a small pet store cubicle).

You will see that he explores every inch of his new home, both with excitement and, I think, as a form of patrolling for any predators or other lurking dangers (notice the frequent flaring). Because I wasn’t planning for a time-lapse video, I hand-held the phone, so it’s a bit shaky—hold on tight to whatever is close by! There is audio.

4 thoughts on “Darcy’s Excellent Adventure (new betta in his new home)

    • Annette, thanks! He kept exploring on high alert for about a day, but now seems confident that this is his home, he knows its quirks and corners, and he won’t be moved again (something bettas hate). Kind of like people, I guess. 🙂

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