Diaries as Mindfulness

One of my intentions for 2014 is to do a better job of showing up for my own life.

Below is an entry from the diaries of my great aunt Hattie, who teaches me daily about the power of paying attention to each day, valuing it, embracing it, and recording it without judgment:

1934, January 21, Sunday

Bright, nice day and was warm until about 4 p.m. began to get cool and was a cool evening and N.W. wind, some clouds and a sprinkle of rain just as we went to bed but I laid awake a long time and stars shone before I went to sleep. At the beginning of each day I write what happened the day before so if I lay awake this night, I put it down the next morning. Will chored and turned the calves out in yard around the barn and to big corral and wind[break], then he and Maggie went to Henry Sells, and Carl Andersons were there, put weights on one of our young bulls that Sells is keeping for the winter for he lost horn-weights and the horn was growing straight up. Will and Maggie came back just before dark. I had a headache and ached in arm and shoulders from cutting meat the last few days so I staid home all alone, read and played cards and wrote 2 letters so Will could mail [them] this a.m.

January 21, 1934



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