How to Make Your Author Website POP!

I’m not happy with my website. One of the things I want to do this week, which I have claimed as a planning week for all things writing (just a warning for anyone who wants anything else from me), is to figure out how to make my online home POP! rather than just lie there.

I need look no further for inspiration than the newly designed website of fellow Wisconsin author E. Victoria Flynn.

If you are a writer or blogger or reader of any kind, get yourself on over to V’s Place, Victoria’s new online artists’ café. No reservations required. All are welcome. There is plenty to feed your soul and wet your whistle, from flash fiction to musical entertainment and even an open mic.

Each fourth Monday, Victoria lists a menu of monthly specials, including a guest post today by yours truly on “Embracing My Inner Late Bloomer.”

Author websites don’t have to be boring. What Pop! can you give to your online home?

4 thoughts on “How to Make Your Author Website POP!

    • Thanks very much for stopping by. You know, I don’t think I’ve ever used “pop” in this sense in my writing, but it fits for me to a tee for V’s Place. I know what you mean, though.

  1. Lisa,

    You’re so generous. The unfortunate thing is that I know very little about building a website and I seem to stumble across more “error” than “trial” these days. Thanks so much for showing it off and for your fantastic essay!

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