What is your 2011 Writing Life Timeline?

Who wants to join me in a New Year’s Eve celebration of the writing life?

I am planning a year-end activity to provide some perspective on the past twelve months and motivation for 2012.

The transition from one year to the next is so often fraught with regret and anxiety rather than joy as we dwell on what we did not accomplish or what we should be (but are not) doing. Simply thinking about making a long list of resolutions tightens my insides.

I propose something different (springboarding from the Facebook timeline hoopla):  A 2011 month-by-month timeline of writing accomplishments and memorable moments, big or small, for any aspect of the writing life, at least one for each month. Did you begin a blog this year in January or reach a blogging milestone in May? In February did you finish reading that book series that has been on your shelf? Become comfortable on Twitter or Google+ in August? Maybe you submitted your first (or twentieth) short story in September or had one published in your dream journal in March. Did you find the courage to query agents in April” If you participated in NaNaWriMo, November is covered!

By taking the time to acknowledge and to look back on our successes, we might again some insight into our long-term progress that we otherwise would miss.

Here are the “rules” for anyone who wants to join me (tweak as you see fit to suit your own needs, the only non-negotiable item being #3):

  1. List at least one milestone or accomplishment for each of the twelve months.
  2. Provide images, fun formatting, and links as desired.
  3. Phrase everything positively.
  4. Optional: Sum up your timeline with whatever insights you have gained about your own writing life, where you have been, and where you are headed.
Here is an example:


With Christi Craig and E. Victoria Flynn, started the group blog  Writing Up an Appetite.

On December 31, I’ll be sharing my own 2011 Writing Life Timeline and will happily link to anyone else who plans to write one, too. Just leave a comment here before December 31st with your blog’s address to join the celebration!

4 thoughts on “What is your 2011 Writing Life Timeline?

    • Lea, wonderful! And Happy New Year’s Eve to you! I’ll be posting when it’s nearly midnight in Sydney, so I’m also going to send a reminder now with your link.

  1. This is a fantastic idea! I will be summarising my writing ‘achievements’ in early January on my blog, and will use your guidelines to remind myself of the achievements in my personal life, too.

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