Back-to-School Book Giveaways (why not enter them all?)

A Recap of This Week’s Back-to-School Book Giveaways

  • Leave a comment on my review of Wendy Skinner’s Life With Gifted Children: Infinity and Zebra Stripes before midnight, Sunday, September 4th, for a chance to receive a free paperback copy.
  • Leave a comment on yesterday’s Everyday Intensity post before midnight, Saturday, September 3rd, for a chance to receive the four-book series, Challenging Units for Gifted Learners, by Kenneth Smith.
  • Leave a comment on Tuesday’s book review before midnight, Friday, September 2nd, for a chance to receive a free copy of the newly revised and updated Gifted Teen Survival Guide, by Judy Galbraith and Jim Delisle.
  • Become a follower of a fun group blog I’m a part of, Writing Up an Appetite, for a chance to win three books (one novel and two food-related titles).
  • And, finally, leave comment on this post before the end of tomorrow for a chance to win a paperback copy of my new historical novel for children, Oscar’s Gift.

Here’s hoping to hear from you!

11 thoughts on “Back-to-School Book Giveaways (why not enter them all?)

  1. What a happy find!
    3 (thousand) cheers for the Internet!
    I’ve been wondering lately just HOW did people get things done before the internet?!?

  2. My boys and I are great fans of historical novels so I cannot wait to get my hands on yours!

    Thank you for all you do. I have been following your achievements for years and love all of your books. We are an on again off again homeschooling family of two profoundly gifted boys (on…homeschooling now) and I pass on your books to new families every chance I get. Keep up the good work.

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