“A decade to become an overnight success”

The e-Publishing Diaries: Seth Godin on Self-Publishing

I am running across so many interesting articles and other resources in this self-publishing journey, that rather than try to weave all of them into longer pieces, I’m going to share some in shorter asides as they come up.

From Seth Godin:

“Building a tribe is not a matter of a miracle, instead, it’s about converting tiny groups of people at a time, leading them, connecting them, building an audience. When a self-published author does this, she has a new job. Not the author part, the publisher part. She’s not putting a book into the universe and hoping it will be found. She’s not even putting a book in a journalist’s hands and hoping it will be hyped. No, she is engaging in a years-long journey to build a platform. It might take a decade to become an overnight success, but if you keep it up, if you keep building, the odds keep getting better and better.” Read More

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