Blogs I Love, August Edition

I Heart Blogs imageThis is a brief aside from the e-publishing series to announce this month’s “Blogs I Love” (see links and feeds in the right column). I am pleased as can be in August to feature three lovely and talented youth women, all of whom I first met when they were young homeschoolers. They continue to teach me more than they will ever know. Read, subscribe, comment, and enjoy!

  • Ariana’s Recipes for Life: Living, Cooking, Discovering: “Thoughts as a senior in college, musings about life in general, and most importantly, regular postings with new or interesting recipes complete with photos and ingredient lists, cooking tips, and stories. NOTE: All recipes are totally SOY FREE unless otherwise mentioned.”
  • The Selfish Dreamer: “I am a college student currently finishing my major in English Literature. I like fashion, plays, frisbee, dance and blogging.”
  • Alimental: “I currently reside in La Jolla, California with my husband Greg and our darling cat, Sid. I have a B.S. in Biological Sciences, and I intend to pursue a career in Nutrition and/or Public Health. Greg is currently working on his Ph.D. in Computer Music at UC-San Diego. I try to eat an unprocessed and completely plant based diet as consistently as possible.”

4 thoughts on “Blogs I Love, August Edition

  1. thanks for the mention Lisa! I am trying to keep up the posting and knowing that I have some regular readers certainly helps!

    I do also enjoy keeping up with your blogs, its a great way to keep connected and you have some really fun stories and insights!

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