The e-Publishing Diaries: What do you want to know?

P Minus 31 and Counting! The e-Publishing Diaries

Oscar's Gift Book CoverWelcome to a new series of posts! One month from today is the launch for Oscar’s Gift, a historical fiction ebook for ages eight and up. Because my e-publishing journey is probably typical and filled with many of the same questions you have, I want to share that journey here for the next 31 days: the process of contemplating then choosing e-publication, researching the options, learning about and practicing formatting, and collecting and trying on the various hats an author must wear to deliver a book successfully to readers.

A later post will focus on reasons for (and against) e-publishing, but what tips the scales in favor for me is summed up by Jane Friedman in a guest post on Writer Unboxed, where she discusses not ebooks but moving on from her Writer’s Digest blog to her own site (

“I now have better ownership and can put more investment into the content I develop. Before, it wasn’t possible to wholeheartedly pursue what uniquely defines my take on the writing, publishing, and media world…” Read More

The title of Friedman’s post is “Be the Champion of Your Own Change.” With the publication of Oscar’s Gift, I can be the best possible champion for this particular story, making more children (and adults) aware of the fascinating and varied life of Oscar Micheaux. I can wholeheartedly pursue the rich possibilities for further reading and study available only in electronic media, such as resource links and interactive learning guides. I can also invest myself, without reserve, in the joy that comes from a combination of journalism (which was my first writing training and love), research, story telling, design, creativity, and community.

To make The e-Publishing Diaries series as helpful as possible, I need to hear from you. What do you want to know? What has or hasn’t worked for you? What are your hopes and fears?

Please use the following form or the comments section to share your thoughts and questions.

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3 thoughts on “The e-Publishing Diaries: What do you want to know?

  1. I’m looking forward to this series. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was little, but have little confidence, since I know that authors work at their craft their entire life, and it’s getting a bit late for me. (I’m 57, and went a different career route.) As you know, I read your blogs regularly, and consider you a top resource for instruction, information and inspiration. I wouldn’t presume to say that I will ever e-publish, but you never know!

  2. Maria Clara (I just love your name!), please let me know what questions you have along the way. I’ve been busy the last couple of days formatting the hard-copy version, but now I’m ready to plunge into the blog series with gusto.

    Jane, thanks for such kind words. The wonderful think about writing as a career is that it is literally never too late to begin. Life experience and reading experience are all part of the training. You are right: you never know!

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