Happy July!

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Everyone I talk to is asking the same question (perhaps because we had such a long period in Wisconsin of cool weather in late spring): Where did June go?

I’m not sure, but July is starting off with a bang, even before the fireworks begin.

First, next week two friends and I will be launching a group blog devoted to… drumroll, please… food writing! My freelance career began with food writing and a recipe column in Outpost Natural FoodsExchange magazine, which led to articles in Vegetarian Gourmet and Vegetarian Journal, as well as teaching cooking classes. I’m giddy about the chance to image of Guest Post Arrowwhisk my writing hand in the kitchen once again. Check back here on Tuesday, July 5th for all of the yummy details.

Second, I’m honored to be today’s guest on Suzannah Windsor Freeman’s site, Write it Sideways. If you are a parent who is a writer (or a writer who happens to be a parent), please be sure to participate in Suzannah’s survey for her e-book about writing while caring for young children.

Finally, my first piece for a brand new blog for Psychology Today is up: “The Role of Anxiety Master.”

I’m going to spend some time this long holiday weekend planning the rest of my writing summer. For the first six months of 2011, I participated in WordPress’s Daily Blog Challenge, and it has reaped far more benefits than I had imagined. Daily, deliberate blogging is making me a stronger writer, and I recommend blogging for that reason alone, regardless of whether a writer is looking for a large readership.

However, with these new writing ventures, I am no longer going to hold myself to daily blogging on this site. I will definitely post here several days a week and will blog somewhere 🙂 nearly every day, but the Daily Blog Challenge has served its purpose for me.

Now that 2011 is half finished, what goals or plans are you re-visioning and adjusting? What are your successes?

4 thoughts on “Happy July!

  1. I am in NY heading soon to a writer’s conference – and I’m enjoying these days of quiet and visiting w/an old college friend – finding myself quite reflective and considering my writing goals for the next half of the year. Thanks for another great post.

  2. Congratulations on the “Psychology Today” post. Very interesting insights!

    The idea you highlight of pretending an emotion until it feels natural reminds of of a very influential article I read in grad school, “Inventing the University,” by David Bartholomae (link here: http://firstyearwriting.wikispaces.com/file/view/Inventing+the+University.pdf). The idea of having to “fraudulently” assume a guise until it becomes “you” is fascinating. Identity is more slippery than we suppose, I guess.

    I haven’t thought of that Bartholomae article in years and appreciate the reminder your post sparked. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations on your piece in Psychology Today and I didn’t know you were a food writer! Using organic and local foods in my area (as well as making my own homemade beauty products) is something I’ve recently started learning about. Can I still refer to this site in order to keep up with your other writings? Happy July, Lisa! 🙂

  4. Pam, your time of reflection sounds lovely. Safe travels to NY, and have a great writers’ conference!

    Katie, thanks so much for the link to the article! It’s definitely a keeper.

    Michi, thank you for the good wishes! I will definitely still write here about writing (and other misc.) things. Making your own beauty products is a fascinating activity. It’s always good to find someone else who is interested in food and cooking.

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