Links for Writers: Get Inspired

Links for Writers
From The Lit Coach (Erin Reel):When Passion and Purpose Align” (an inspiring look at why we write; also listen to Erin on “The Book Is Your Hook” radio program)

Writers, you can’t wonder about your ability to write, your talent, whether or not your book will sell to an agent, to a publisher and everything else that hasn’t happened to you yet, you must just DO. But in order to move ahead and DO, you’ve got to first dig deep and find that well, that deep running source of energy that will sustain your passion for writing. Read More

From Deborah Siegel at SheWrites:20 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Writing Life This Spring

14. Allow yourself to love your own writing.  Allow yourself to hate it.  Remember that reality is probably somewhere in between. Read More

From Freelance Tips from The Writer” (you need to be a registered user to view the article; registration is free and well worth the few seconds)

19. In preparing your queries, remember that sidebars are very popular with many magazines. Sidebars improve the design of your story, provide an additional “point of entry” for the reader, and help the writer repackage useful but peripheral information that might otherwise clutter the main article. Read More

Blog post from Cathy Day:The Novel Club” (fascinating thoughts from students enrolled in a novel-writing course)

Jerry: I feel that anybody can write 300 pages, but it’s quite another to throw them all away and then go back and sift through them
 for what is salvageable (or not) over a course of years and form it into a
compelling narrative and then throw it out again. I have burned my manuscript
 six times and each of the six times I felt better. So that would be my advice: it’s all disposable, but it’s all valuable. Read More

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  1. Lisa thanks, once again, for such great links. Whenever I’m looking for a resource I come to your sight and find the right link! “50 Freelance Tips from The Writer” was excellent. I even printed it, to have it accessible as needed.

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