Do you need a Spring Break?

I realized this morning that I need a spring break. Yes, technically, I already had one. Two, in fact: one from the college where I teach and one from the university I am attending. However, they didn’t come at the same time, and somehow the weeks came and went without my getting to a lot of the things I wanted to do. I didn’t feel in control of the break time.

So, this morning, as I was thinking how I’ve already taken a couple of days off from this blog because of stubborn seasonal migraines and was pondering a post about April writing goals, it hit me: A few days of focused early morning time for long-term planning and more self-care would be nice. It’s good timing. I don’t get a new set of papers to grade until Monday, and I just finished a large class project. Often the best breaks come not when we’re too busy, but when we have the relaxed time to enjoy them.

In the past, I would have lost sleep over the fact that I won’t technically be blogging every day, but that’s really not the point of the Daily Post Challenge, anyway. I’ll probably post twice on a few days later along the way to get to 365 posts by the end of the year.

Do you need a spring break in a particular area of your life? Why not find a way to give it to yourself as a form of self care? You deserve it.


14 thoughts on “Do you need a Spring Break?

  1. I think taking a spring break is a wonderful idea! I say this because at the end of last week I was feeling a little out of control. I had just completed a grueling month at work, delivering three major projects and feeling emotional on top of it. I decided on Friday to take this week off and am truly enjoying the the “unplanned” time to catch up, set some goals and reset emotionally, physically and spiritually.

    • Deanell, yes, “a little out of control and emotional on top of it” is a perfect description! Good for you (us) for taking some control back.

    • The hard part is figuring out how to do it. While I’d LOVE a true spring break from everything right now, my break is only from blogging, but it helps enough. Good luck with finding the time you need for your projects and yourself.

  2. I can totally relate! Been very busy with projects, so I haven’t been on my blog a lot lately either. Can’t wait for May when summer break begins.
    See you in a week! 🙂

  3. How do you advise someone who loves to read, and desires to write…but is currently in a creative drought. I’m dealing with health issues that have successfully stolen my concentration and worry-free mind. I find myself uninspired. Worse, I’m unable to even focus to make goals and follow through on them.
    I need to start fresh.
    So, how? I wake up; I do what in order to pursue this writing life?
    Should I read certain books and do things in an organized and well-read fashion; versus just crazily scattering around reading this or bits of that and getting nowhere…still not able to pinpoint “goals” because unclear of my true intentions. Frustrating.
    Love your blog!

    • What a great question. I think it deserves a blog post reply of its own, so I’ll work on that over my “break.” 🙂

      I can say for now that I think you are spot on about your instinct to organize your creativity a bit more. I’m currently teaching a class on creative thinking, and we talk a lot about how even small bits of organization can help to free time and mental space for creativity to happen. Even 20 minutes a morning when you do something creative that is planned (read a book chapter, write a paragraph) is a great start.

      Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog! 😀

    • Cynthia, thank you, both for the good wishes and the kind words about my blog! These days I think it’s more important than ever to give ourselves breaks, because there are fewer of them built-in to our lives.

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