Sunday Happiness

Cezanne's HarlequinChicago!

Today we are going to pick up our son at his dorm and spend the day at the Art Institute of Chicago. I’m most looking forward to a 1930s photography exhibit, but other current exhibits include Paul Cézanne’s Harlequin and Henri Matisse’s Jazz.

While Carl Sandburg’s most famous Chicago poem is the one that begins “Hog Butcher for the World,” this is also one of my favorites.


by Carl Sandburg, from Chicago Poems

I asked the professors who teach the meaning of life to tell me what is happiness.
And I went to famous executives who boss the work of thousands of men.
They all shook their heads and gave me a smile as though I was trying to fool with them
And then one Sunday afternoon I wandered out along the Desplaines river
And I saw a crowd of Hungarians under the trees with their women and children and a keg of beer and an accordion.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Happiness

    • Kelsey, thank you! We always enjoy Chicago, but yesterday was unusually good–an easy drive, the museum wasn’t as crowded as usual, great exhibits, and even better company. 🙂 I’m so glad our son went to college close enough so that we can still do these family outings once in a while.

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