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Harriet E. WhitcherThe Hattie Project is my ongoing transcription of the Great Plains diaries of my great-aunt Hattie, who wrote daily (yes, literally, every single day) from 1920-1957. The adventure began as a family project and has grown into something bigger, a passion project that is taking shape as the book that only I can write.

Found Poetry

The following posts are from National Poetry Month, using Hattie’s diaries as found poetry (poetry taken and adapted from existing writing):

Flash Narratives

I also occasionally share some of the Hattie Project in the form of Flash Narratives, short flash piece that are sometimes creative non-fiction, sometimes historical fiction, but always based on Hattie’s words and life. Most of the flash narratives here are no longer than 500 words:

For more background information on Hattie’s diaries, see these posts and sites. For your interest, feedback, and encouragement, Hattie and I thank you.

June 7, 1942: A Surprise on William

The Glorious Fourth of July

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  1. Janice Griffith

    Hi Lisa, I’ve been looking at your “Hatties Diarie” and find it quite interesting. I notice the date is 2011…are you still sending it out? I’m very interested as William J Whitcher was my grandmothers cousin! Was wondering if you had any photos of him and his family among all the diaries? I hope to hear from you via email sometime. Great work!!

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  2. Laura Levesque

    My Uncle, Jack Elshire, was born in Hidden Timber. He was excited to hear about the Elshire name mentioned in your aunt’s diary. I look forward to searching the diaries for him and my mom, Nora Elshire. Thanks for taking the time to publish this collection.

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      Lisa Rivero

      Laura, I’m sorry that I didn’t see this comment until now (I was on jury duty last week and the days got away from me). The Elshires (especially Curt, if I remember correctly) are mentioned quite often by Hattie in her diaries. I may even have a photo of one of his homes (?). I’ll check and let you know.

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