#30PostsHathSept Blog Challenge

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#30PostsHathSept Back to Blogging Challenge!

Did you take a break from blogging over the summer? Are you bored with blogging? Need some support for your blogging habit? Join the#30PostsHathSept blog challenge to get back to blogging. It’s as easy as committing to publishing 20 to 30 blog posts during September.

1: Write & Post!

First, grab the blog challenge badge (right) to add to your website. Then, write and publish your first post and share it here using the blue button below. Plan to publish 20-30 blog posts during September. Short posts and photo posts are fine. It is good to keep a calendar to record ideas for posts as you think of them.

2: Share!

Share your posts on social media using the hashtag #30PostsHathSept. Spread the word about the blog challenge.

3: Read & Comment!

Visit and bookmark this page and your fellow bloggers’ websites. Follow them on social media. Subscribe to their blogs. Commit to sharing and/or commenting on at least two other posts a day.

Blog challenges are funrewarding, and a good way to meet new bloggers and gain new readers.

*Note: The purposes of this challenge are fun, learning, and community. Be respectful of fellow bloggers. PG and G rated blogs only. Blogs that are blatantly offensive or marketing-based will be removed.

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