Wait For It: 10 Ways to Wait for Hamilton

Whether you are waiting for the latest Hamilton news, waiting to see the musical in person (I’m waiting until April), waiting to get tickets, or waiting until you can listen to the Grammy-winning cast album for the billionth time, below are 10 ways to indulge your obsession in the meantime (with some videos thrown in for good measure and a list of links at the end).

Number One

Listen to the soundtrack, not just once, but always daily
Succumb to the addiction, it will help you to live sanely

Number Two

Memorize the lyrics, quote at every opportunity
Read all the annotations at Genius dot com community

(Watch “The Making of the Hamilton Cast Album”)

Number Three

Like Lin, go on vacation to catch up on your reading
Chernow’s Alex bio gives the play a whole new meaning

(Watch “Broadway hit “Hamilton” drives interest in founding father“)

Number Four

Forget dry schoolhouse history, go to sources primary
From All Things Hamilton and the Congress (that is, the Library)

Number Five

Alone in your circle with your Hamilton obsession?
podcast or two will alleviate depression

Above video: Lin-Manuel Miranda performing what would become Hamilton‘s opening number at the 2009 White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word

Number Six

Subscribe to channel Hamilton tomorrow if not sooner
where you can watch a parody from Burr — er — Leslie Odom (junior!)

Number Seven

Ham4Ham on YouTube offers clips of cast and specials guests
From whimsical to poignant, from freestyle live history tests

Number Eight

Over at Twitter, follow Hamilton and Lin
Be prepared for much hilarity to ensue therein

Number Nine

Tired of tweets and looking for a long read?
The New Yorker has a good one by Rebecca Mead

Number Ten

New to hip-hop? Overwhelmed and feeling senseless?
Forrest Wickman over at Slate will help you sort out all the references


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2 thoughts on “Wait For It: 10 Ways to Wait for Hamilton

  1. Have tickets for–guess when–NEXT JANUARY! My kids have already seen it, but going again, and that was the soonest. They are also the reason why I’ve been listening to the CD. I need to be able to follow those brilliant lyrics when I’m there and they are flying by fast!

    • So glad you have tickets, Stephanie! Ours are for April, on my birthday. 🙂 Yes, the lyrics are brilliant–I can only imagine the energy it must take to do the show, let alone two in one day.

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