I admit it. I am very excited for 2014. The year will bring my 50th birthday, which perhaps is what has led to a lot of soul-searching and reflection in the past months. I don’t mean angst or wringing of hands, thank goodness, but I have been thinking long and deep about what every person my age realizes at one point or another: more years are behind me than are before me. What do I want to do with them, beginning now?

Mortality is what gives our life meaning and focus, after all. Steve Jobs, in his now famous Stanford commencement speech, explains this in words that I can’t improve on (he did not know at the time how few years of life remained for him). Skip to the 9:00 mark for his “third story” about why “there is no reason not to follow your heart.”

The problem is that my heart often feels pulled in many directions at once. Like many of you who are reading this, I wish I had multiple lifetimes to pursue multiple passions and careers: teacher, writer, freelancer, speaker, to name only a few. And, like you, I also have regrets for still other paths I considered along the way but did not follow.

As much as I enjoy all that I do, it is time to shelve with love one or two of my identities and to focus more intensely on others, which is why this spring I am making the transition to full-time freelancing (indexing and writing). I’m at a point where I can earn as much by working at home as I do splitting my time between jobs. Working for longer stretches of uninterrupted time is more conducive to my personality and temperament. I am also lucky to have the support of my family. While the change brings some uncertainty and discomfort, as all change does, it feels spot-on right. I am ready.

Although I won’t make the complete switch for a few more weeks, I have started with a website and blog re-design—both to present a new professional face to the world and to remind myself of why I am doing what I’m doing. Take a look, let me know what you think (maybe even subscribe to the blog), and if you know of anyone who needs a book index, send him or her my way. 😉

What meaning of life changes are you contemplating or experiencing at the moment?