The Great Plains Diaries of Hattie Whitcher

What was life like nearly one hundred years ago for a bright, creative woman starting her married life on the Great Plains of Nebraska and South Dakota? Read more in the first volume of The Great Plains Diaries of Hattie Whitcher, available free in pdf, mobi (Kindle) and epub (Nook) versions. Learn more at about the diariesĀ The Hattie Project.

1920: Choring in the Mud


9 thoughts on “The Great Plains Diaries of Hattie Whitcher

  1. Hello Lisa,
    Thank you for the info about relatives who have lived before us. I am a grandson of James Antoine Herman. I have enjoyed reading from Hattie’s Diary. He is referred to James Herman Jr. there if I remember correctly…I have added you on G+…one day I hope to talk to you! Have a great week!

    Thanks again!

    Jeff Herman

    • Jeff, thanks! I’m hoping to get through transcribing all of Hattie’s diaries (the ones that I have, anyway) within a couple of years, so it will be easier to find things like references to your grandfather. I’m glad to have connected with you.

  2. Hi Lisa. I am married to Tuffy beardt, Yvonne ‘s son. I just down loaded some of this and showed it her. I remember your grandma Louise as we used to go out to hidden timber. I would appreciate any updates.

    • Yvonne shows up quite a bit in the diaries! I am working (slowly) on transcribing all of the entries so that eventually I can find all the entries for a certain name or place. Thanks for stopping by. I will keep in touch if I see something about your part of the family.

  3. This is so cool. Hattie talks about Mrs. Scott and son’s George and Clarence coming to visit. George is my dad. So I know what they were doing on Oct 10, 1930. I look forward to reading more and seeing if there is any other mention of my family. Is there more of her diary online? I’m just seeing this one. Being I really didn’t know my dad I hope there is more mention of him. Ty.

  4. Hi Lisa, I am a daughter of Bernard Whiting and Grand daughter of Jacob. I am so glad I heard about this site. I will keep coming back to read more. Thank you for doing this.

  5. I am the son of Cora Mae (Whiting) Onate, Grandson of Jacob. Showed my mom the pictures and some of the diaries. Thank you for sharing them!!

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