Frank Waln: “My Stone”

This artist and song came up in conversation today, so I’ll share it here for weekend inspiration. Beautiful words. Beautiful video.

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3 thoughts on “Frank Waln: “My Stone”

    • Brenda, thank you! I find Frank Waln’s work fascinating, in part because he is from the same geographical area I am and the landscape in his videos are achingly familiar. Thank you, too, for mentioning the topic of cultural appropriation, which I am working to understand better. His background is (in part) that he was a Gates Millennium Scholar who eventually switched from pre-med (the “practical” major for a bright student with promise) to his passion–music. He has said that hearing Nas was what made him want to be a hip-hop artist.

  1. I’ve never been a lover of rap music, but this guy is really great! I can see why, sans the vulgar, misogynist language, rap can take poetic lyrics and make them something beautiful. And the video is excellent. I love the badlands and have watched our boys walk out on one of those 3′ wide paths and have held my breath while they felt no fear. A very good metaphor for the mother/son relationship. The letting go and the returning.

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