Bookmarkable! Flash Fiction, Poetry and Art

It’s Bookmarkable Friday!

The following bookmarkable blogs and podcast feature three of my favorite writers. Enjoy!

Flash Fiction by Christi Craig

On WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio’s Flash Fiction Friday today you can listen to the terrific story “Red Velvet Sunday” by and a “flash interview” with fellow Wisconsin writer Christi Craig. Host Robert Vaughan begins the podcast with a discussion of the genre of flash fiction and its inherent tension:

“With first drafts, you always just let things come out the way they do, and a lot of times it’s easy breezy… but the other thing that you get to in a piece, is when you go back and you revise… you look at overall themes at that point, and you think, what is this story really about? And a lot of times that doesn’t come easily. For a lot of writers, think sort of think they know where they’re going, but they really necessarily don’t, and you arrive at this place sometimes at the end of writing something  where it’s a real surprise, and I think those twists are something that I tend to go back and add in, or something that’s like a metaphor that I can plant…” Listen to entire podcast

Social Media’s ‘Unexpected Gifts’: A Poet’s Story

Ami Mattison’s blog poetryNprogress this week features a guest post by poet Maureen Doallas, in which she discusses not only her new book of poetry, Neruda’s Memoirs, but also what she has learned about writing, social media, and publication:

“In some ways, I suppose, how I came to publish Neruda’s Memoirs: Poems is the equivalent of the old story of the would-be actress hanging out at Schwab’s drugstore, waiting to be discovered by Hollywood. The not insignificant difference is that I didn’t go in search of a book publisher, although I might say I was “found” via social networking media.” Read More

Writing Without Paper

“my hub to write about anything that brings me joy, especially art, artists, and poetry” ~ Maureen Doallas

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who loves art and creativity will enjoy Maureen’s blog Writing Without Paper, where she shares links, videos, and other resources about art, dance, music, and poetry. Here is a taste from her post today:

✭ In New York City, the Museum of Modern Art has mounted “Picasso: Guitars 1912-1914“, on view until June 6. Sixty-five works drawn from public and private collections, including collages, sketches, paintings, sculptures or “constructions”, and Picasso’s own small-format photographs, are in the exhibit. Images of featured works are here. An 18-page pdf of all the works may be accessed here.
A separate site for the exhibition, which includes commentary and information about Picasso’s studio and techniques and materials, is here. Several videos related to the construction, history, and conservation of Picasso’s 3D Guitar are available here. Another dealing with Picasso’s collages or “papery procedures” may be viewed here.
Happy Friday, everyone!

8 thoughts on “Bookmarkable! Flash Fiction, Poetry and Art

  1. I had missed this episode of Lake Effect – thanks for sharing. I have the good fortune of participating in one of Robert’s groups at RedBird RedOak – not only is he a great flash fiction writer and poet, but he is a fabulous critiquer, not a skill that all of us writing folk share. 🙂

    • Pam, thanks for offering more information about Robert (makes me want to sign up for a class right now!). I’m so glad to have found Flash Fiction Friday and his blog through Christi. 🙂

  2. Lisa, I am so grateful for your mention of the Flash Fiction Friday program that I host at Lake Effect. It is a monthly program, so any of your writers that follow your blog are welcome to submit. The submission guidelines are right on the WUWM Lake Effect website. I am honored that you would think of mentioning Christi Craig, and also to place a blurb from my interview with co-host Stephanie Lecci (from Lake Effect) on your wonderful blog. Thanks again!

    • Robert, thanks very much for the additional information and the kind words! What you said in your interview about the purpose of first drafts vs. revising is something I’ve discussed here recently, so it was perfect.

      I, for one, will definitely be tuning in to FFF each month, and I’ll be sure to share the link to submissions. Very glad to have “met” you through Christi. 😀

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