Bookmarkable Friday

It’s Bookmarkable Friday!

A few bookmarkable blog posts and websites I’ve come across this week.

Penny Jar’s Throw me Thursday: Memoir Mash-ups

If you need a quick, creative, and fun writing exercise to start off your day, please visit E. Victoria Flynn’s Memoir Mash-ups post on her Penny Jar blog.

“This week’s writing prompt is an exploration of language submitted by @andilit (Andi Lit) who suggested taking passages from books and imitating the grammar while using something you’ve been working on or something off the cuff.” Read More

Victoria’s eclectic examples will motivate you to share your own!


Wouldn’t it be fun to follow authors through their journey from getting an agent to being published … and beyond? You can if you subscribe to literary agent Bree Ogden’s new blog, All About my Clients, which Bree describes as being for her clients, “who work harder than you could ever imagine. This page is to show you a little of their brilliance each week.”

This week, be sure to check out the delightful brilliance of Rebekah Joy Plett, with an excerpt that includes a girl and a Ferris wheel and new perspective.

A Healthy Social Media Diet

It’s a fact of the 21st century that writers have to learn to juggle the demands and enticements of social media while, at the same time, finding and creating time to do the writing about which we blog and tweet and comment. Deborah Siegel of SheWrites offers some insights and a Social Media Cleanse Challenge in her recent piece, When Is Social Media a Writing Nutrient, and When Is It Doritos? Her suggestions are both practical and motivational:

Pledge #3. I will work on letting go of that feeling that I’m missing something, or missing an opportunity to be responsive, if I’m not checking email at my usual pace. The impulse to check email is rote and reactive.  I can do it less.  People can wait. Read More

What have you bookmarked to read this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Bookmarkable Friday

  1. I agree! Victoria’s writing has a strength that never ceases to surprise me.

    The social media balance is one I feel I’m just beginning to start to initiate get a handle on. 😉 I think it must come more easily to some people.

    ~ Lisa

  2. Lisa, thank you so very much. I read this the day you posted, but had to rush out the door. I so appreciate you posting the link and your (and Rebecca’s!) constant support. I’m so lucky. <3

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