Dear Egypt, (via magnificentminimalist)

Before I log off and write on (and study) for the afternoon, I have to share this Magnificent Minimalist post that just came into my inbox. Simply. Perfect.

Dear Egypt, I was shocked to realize that I know nothing about you except for the most obvious cliches.   I don't understand what's going in your country right now. I am ignorant and poorly informed and hopelessly culturally uneducated. *flail* Please be well. Figure it out soon, okay? … Read More

via magnificentminimalist

2 thoughts on “Dear Egypt, (via magnificentminimalist)

  1. Yeah, I feel the same way. I first heard about what’s going on from some posts Anne Rice made on Facebook. I immediately turned on CNN and realized I know far too much about what’s going on in the personal lives of a bunch of celebrities and far too little about what’s really going on in the world. I’ve decided to make a conscious effort to pay more attention to what’s really important.

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