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When I go on a trip, I usually pack books the way our son used to pack his stuffed animals:I know I can’t take them all, but there is no way I can limit myself to two or three, much less one, and I feel guilt for leaving any of my favorites behind. I like to have enough reading options to suit whatever literary mood I might be in, whatever reading comfort needs I might have. At the same time, books are heavy, so I usually end up with a backache from pulling around overloaded suitcases and shouldering bulging backpacks.

As I start packing for an out-of-town trip tomorrow, I realize I now can take along as many books as I want.

After the lengthy decision-making process of buying one, it took me awhile to warm up to my Kindle, but warm up I have. For me, e-reading is not replacing paper-reading. I still usually cuddle up with a paperback or hard cover when I have time to read in the evening. But I am also finding the same reading pleasure from e-books, the same “book love” that Trollope wrote about and Anna Quindlen quotes. Writing is writing. Words are words. Pages are pages. Books are books. I don’t believe the Nietzschean pronouncements that the physical book is dead (or dying). It just has a new cousin.

My hotel roommate this weekend also recently got a Kindle, so I’m excited to compare resources and titles. Below are a few good sources of Kindle-formatted e-books that I’ve found:

And here’s a title I might browse on the plane. 😉 (I’m happy with the e-cover!)

The Homeschooling Option

4 thoughts on “Kindle Comfort

    • 1. Thank you, Rebecca! 2. Isn’t it fun! I got dh an iPod Touch for Christmas–I think I’ll try to warm up to that, too, lol. 😉

  1. Lisa, you bought one?! *jumps up and down* Do you like using it? Seems so eh? 😀

    Last year I gave a workshop about ereaders at our Academy, and we showed four different models, but no Kindle. Every time Amazon sends me ads, I’m drooling over the Kindle. Here in Holland they are not for sale in the shops. If I want to purchase one, I have to do it online. So I’m still in doubt whether I want/need one or not.
    Have SO much fun with it my friend *hugs*

    • Marion, I LOVE it! I can’t say I need it, but I sure do enjoy it. I ordered mine online.

      What a good opportunity to try out four other kinds, even the Kindle wasn’t one of them. 😀

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