Book Trailers! Promote Your Book While Having Creative Fun

Who doesn’t love watching book trailers? These multimedia book previews whet our appetite for more, and, when created by the authors themselves, they also give a valuable peek into the author’s inner world and understanding or his or her work.

Enjoy the following suspenseful book trailers for Kelsey Ketch’s YA novel Death’s Island and Kate Grace’s YA paranormal romance Burden of the Soul (both are represented by Bree Ogden of Martin Literary Management), then explore the links below to have fun creating your own.



Do-It-Yourself Book Trailers

Book Trailers: 11 Steps to Make Your Own

Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn) offers several practical suggestions for making your own book trailer. Be sure to check out the comments for more links and ideas.

Squidoo Lens: Book Trailers

Contents include How to Make a Book Trailer, Equipment for Making Your Own Book Trailer, What You Can Expect From Professionals, A Book Trailer Example, and Best Book Trailer Links.

5 Ways to Use Book Trailers to Drive Sales

In this Writer’s Digest piece, Jane Friedman discusses book trailers from a marketing perspective, including search engine optimization (SEO) tips.

43 Book Trailer Sites to Inspire, Instruct and Share

Finally, if you are still hungry for more information, bookmark author Darcy Pattison’s list of 43 sites about book trailers, with information for everything from how to make them to where to promote them.

4 thoughts on “Book Trailers! Promote Your Book While Having Creative Fun

  1. I’m SO glad you posted this, as I’m about to start on my book trailer! Thanks for the wealth of information. The standard has been set pretty high in the Breepod! Fabulous trailers, ladies!

  2. Dang, I wish this was posted a few weeks ago! What a great collection of information and tips. Well done, Lisa!

    And you’re right, making the trailer was loads of fun and a really enjoyable creative exercise to stretch that imagination in a way other than writing. Storytelling can take any form, so I highly recommend writers attempting to do it visually through a trailer. It’s yoga for the creative mind!

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