Still writing your first novel? It’s not too late!

As I continue my journey toward writing my first novel for adults, I sometimes wonder if it is too late in my writing career to add a new genre, if I should just stick with non-fiction, if I should focus more on children’s fiction now that I’ve written one book for middle grades, if my idea is too ambitious for my skill level, if I should “save some in the can” and not give this one my all, if if if…

Then, I read a book like The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, David Wroblewski‘s first novel, and I am silenced (pun intended, for those of you who have read the book). I am still not finished. I am just where—hmmm, how do I put this without a spoiler?—Edgar and Henry are bonding, but I am stunned by how much I am enjoying it, how cleanly beautiful the descriptions are, and how ambitious the idea is, especially for a first novel. Once I finish the book, I’m eager to share more thoughts here.

Or I read about 82-year-old Myrrha Stanford-Smith, whose first novel is part of a trilogy book deal:

“The adventure reignites, in fictional form, the rivalry between William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. The Great Lie sees 16-year-old Nick, the son of the late first Earl of Rokesby, run away with a troupe of travelling players who take him to London – where he soon comes to Marlowe’s attention…” Read More

Are you still writing your first novel? You are not too late, and you are not too ambitious. Don”t hold back for anything.

6 thoughts on “Still writing your first novel? It’s not too late!

  1. Hi Lisa,

    I can definitely relate. I have always written non-fiction and beginning to write fiction has been a big challenge. You offer some good encouraging words. I guess we just need to go where our heart leads us, no matter how old we are!

    • Anne, thank you. I love how today’s communication technology allows us, first of all, to find others who are on similar paths, and then to support each other in our goals. Onward and upward!

  2. Write what your heart desires. No matter the genre. No matter the difference in content, background, setting, etc… Just keep on writing. I like this post, Lisa!

  3. Started my first novel at age 60. ..still waiting for my agent to sell it. Today, at 66, finished the first rewrite/revision of the second. Plan on putting together a book of poetry. Thinking non-fiction may be on the table after that. Never too late, as I see it. Go for it! Victoria

    • Victoria, what an inspiring comment! Thank you. My mother told me that her life only really got going when she turned forty. Now that I’m there (and beyond), I am beginning to know what she meant.

      Congratulations on all you are doing. Like you, I find I need to explore many genres to be satisfied. 🙂

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