30 Resources to Understand Giftedness in Children and Adults

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What do you care about so much that you happily go out of your comfort zone to support? I spend a good chunk of my free time (what is free time, anyway? a topic for another post) volunteering for an international non-profit organization that helps parents, teachers, and others understand the social and emotional needs that accompany giftedness: SENG – …

Links for Writers

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Good morning! This week’s Flash Narrative will appear tomorrow as a guest post on Christi Craig’s excellent blog, Writing Under Pressure (be sure to read her current post about anxiety and writing). Later this week, I also plan to wrap up my posts on The Shallows and to write more about Barbara Sher’s theory of Scanners. In the meantime, here …

Links for Writers

Links for Writers: Get Inspired

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From The Lit Coach (Erin Reel): “When Passion and Purpose Align” (an inspiring look at why we write; also listen to Erin on “The Book Is Your Hook” radio program) Writers, you can’t wonder about your ability to write, your talent, whether or not your book will sell to an agent, to a publisher and everything else that hasn’t happened …