Historical Photos for Oscar’s Gift

The following public domain historical photographs are in the ebook edition of Oscar’s Gift: Planting Words with Oscar Micheaux. Click on the photos to learn more.

From Chapter 2: Birthday Surprise

Photo and Link: The Youth’s Companion Project (read the full issue)

The Youth's CompanionFrom Chapter 3: A Great Sea of Grass

Photo and Link: Buffalo Wallow, 1897

Buffalo WallowFrom Part II: Breaking Sod

Photo: Sitting Bull,1885

Link: Chief Sitting Bull (PBS’s New Perspectives on the West)

Sitting Bull

From Chapter 4: Building Our Soddy

Photo and Link: Her Know (Dakota Sioux Girl), 1899

Dakota Girl

From Chapter 5: The Long Winter

Photo: Boy Plowing, 1900

Link: Building a Sod House

Boy PlowingFrom Chapter 6: Oscar

Photo: Pullman Porter, 1880s

Link: Pullman Porters (National American Museum of History)

Pullman PorterFrom Part III: Strangers in a Strange Land

Photo: Oscar Micheaux, 1913

Link: Celebrating Oscar Micheaux (Rapid City Journal)

Oscar MicheauxFrom Part IV: Oscar’s Gift

Photo: Booker T. Washington, 1911

Link: Booker T. & W.E.B. (PBS, Frontline)

Booker T. Washington

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