Late-Blooming Writers

One thing I love about the practice and profession of writing is that there is no narrow window of prodigious achievement (in other words, we aren’t “washed up” if we haven’t made it by age 30) and there is no mandatory retirement age. In fact, more life experience allows for greater and more connections, what West calls “integration of a whole life.”

Lisa RiveroLate-Blooming Writers

Long Live the Serious Hobby Writer

Hobbies get a bad rap, especially if one’s hobby happens to be writing. Wait a minute, you might be thinking. Are you saying that I should think of my writing as just a hobby? Not everyone will want to approach their writing this way, of course, but I am convinced that, for many people, writing can be an immensely satisfying hobby that can …

Lisa RiveroLong Live the Serious Hobby Writer

Get Serious About Your Writing: Blog Series Catch-up Day

It’s time for another blog series catch-up day! Below are the posts in this series so far. Please let me know what else you would like to see covered in the remaining 12 days. Day 1: Let’s Get Serious (finally!) About Writing Day 2: Your Daily Word Count Day 3: No More Excuses: Jane Austen’s Writing Table Day 4: The Creative Life …

Lisa RiveroGet Serious About Your Writing: Blog Series Catch-up Day

Sometimes We Have To Make a Choice

NPR’s interview with Paulo Coelho is thought-provoking and inspriting for anyone who feels eluded by a life-long dream, regardless of whether we ever want to quit our day jobs

Lisa RiveroSometimes We Have To Make a Choice