Writers and Negativity Bias

We want to write more (or better or more successfully). Being a writer is and perhaps has always been a crucial part of our self-identity. We are as smart as the average bear and competent (enough, anyway). In other words, we know what we want. Therefore, we will make good choices that are in our own best interest. Wrong. The Irrational … Read More

Lisa RiveroWriters and Negativity Bias

5 Questions to Help You Get Serious About Your Writing

We’ve finished one week of the Get Serious about Writing blog series! This is a good time to pause and think about some of the questions we can ask ourselves to begin to write with no (more) regrets, in a way that brings more meaning and joy to our lives—both daily and in the long run. 1. What do you want … Read More

Lisa Rivero5 Questions to Help You Get Serious About Your Writing

No-Regrets Writing

This post is all about figuring out what it means to “get serious about writing.” It is different for everyone and can vary from simply writing every day to publishing, from sharing our words with a larger audience to taking the time to learn to writer better, from self-publishing to landing an agent. Figuring out what it means for you will … Read More

Lisa RiveroNo-Regrets Writing

Writing and the Fear of Commitment

Holding Hands

This post could also be titled Don’t Be Afraid to Fall in Love with Your Writing. I’ve come to believe that one reason we resist getting serious about our writing is a fear of commitment. Falling in love is scary. For all of the thrill and romance, we lose a part of ourselves. We are no longer wholly our own, … Read More

Lisa RiveroWriting and the Fear of Commitment

The Creative Life and Opportunity Cost

Every choice we make has an opportunity cost. That simple idea, first explained to me by my son, has had a lasting impact. It doesn’t always mean that I make the wisest choice in the moment, but I certainly have made some more thoughtful choices as a result. What is opportunity cost? Every choice we make has an opportunity cost. Every time we … Read More

Lisa RiveroThe Creative Life and Opportunity Cost