Creativity, School, and Social Rejection


“To live creatively is a choice. You must make a commitment to your own mind and the possibility that you will not be accepted. You have to let go of satisfying people, often even yourself.” by┬áJessica Olien Are you a creative thinker who believes that you could reach your goals if only others would understand you, if only they gave …

Lisa RiveroCreativity, School, and Social Rejection

Creative Public Speaking


If you are looking for an interesting and thoughtful blog on a variety of topics, be sure to take a look at Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds. While his main topic is professional presentation design, Reynolds manages to weave in information and discussion about a host of important and current issues, such as his empathic┬ápiece on speaking anxiety and film …

Lisa RiveroCreative Public Speaking

Diaries as Mindfulness

January 21, 1934

One of my intentions for 2014 is to do a better job of showing up for my own life. Below is an entry from the diaries of my great aunt Hattie, who teaches me daily about the power of paying attention to each day, valuing it, embracing it, and recording it without judgment: 1934, January 21, Sunday Bright, nice day …

Lisa RiveroDiaries as Mindfulness

Tell ‘em about the dream, Martin

MLK Header

One of the most famous speeches of the 20th century was very nearly something quite different. When most of us think of the speech that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave at the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, we call to mind only the final third of the address that begins with the resounding “I have a dream” …

Lisa RiveroTell ‘em about the dream, Martin

Self-employed, full speed ahead

Lose This Page

I admit it. I am very excited for 2014. The year will bring my 50th birthday, which perhaps is what has led to a lot of soul-searching and reflection in the past months. I don’t mean angst or wringing of hands, thank goodness, but I have been thinking long and deep about what every person my age realizes at one …

Lisa RiveroSelf-employed, full speed ahead