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I admit it. I am very excited for 2014. The year will bring my 50th birthday, which perhaps is what has led to a lot of soul-searching and reflection in the past months. I don’t mean angst or wringing of hands, thank goodness, but I have been thinking long and deep about what every person my age realizes at one …

Lisa RiveroSelf-employed, full speed ahead

Happiness and Intensity


“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.” ~ Thomas Merton “If you want to be happy, be.” ~ Tolstoy Happiness and intensity are not the same thing. I enjoy browsing Gretchen Rubin’s blog The Happiness Project, especially if I’m feeling emotionally stuck or apathetic. Her lively writing, blog design, and practical …

Lisa RiveroHappiness and Intensity

Cuddle up with some flash fiction this weekend


It’s mid-January, and while the weather outside may not be frightful at the moment in Wisconsin, it is far from delightful. Why not spend the weekend warming your creativity with some flash and micro fiction? Start by reading “Grow Your Own Mesozoic!!! Just $14.99” and “My Father Sold Machines,” then browse the flash fiction publishers and websites below. You might even be inspired …

Lisa RiveroCuddle up with some flash fiction this weekend

Why Imagination Matters


An excerpt from a longer piece I’m working on (and the first of two posts today): I learn so much from teaching creative thinking and from the students. Something that is striking me these days is that the most important, the most potentially life-changing part of adding creativity to one’s life has nothing to do with making or designing or …

Lisa RiveroWhy Imagination Matters

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away


How do you depressurize when life makes you feel that you are encased in carbonite? Recently I found myself with a rare weekend during which I had no student papers to grade, no freelance deadlines looming, and the house to myself. I did some cleaning and caught up with a few minor tasks that had been collecting dust on to-do …

Lisa RiveroIn a Galaxy Far, Far Away