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First, I can’t thank enough everyone who subscribes to this blog, whether through an RSS reader or as an email subscriber. After spending several days getting my own inbox and gmail filters under control, I empathize with anyone struggling to juggle too many emails and too little time, and I appreciate that you make time and space in your busy … Read More

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Daily Patterns that Promote Creativity

In “Rise and shine: the daily routines of history’s most creative minds,” Oliver Burkeman shares six patterns that emerge from the lives of successfully creative individuals. Here are some of my favorite excerpts (emphases added): “Limited time focuses the mind, and the self-discipline required to show up for a job seeps back into the processes of art.” “There’s no shortage … Read More

Lisa RiveroDaily Patterns that Promote Creativity

“Hire Weirdos and Let Them Fail All the Time”

Lisa Rivero“Hire Weirdos and Let Them Fail All the Time”