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Lisa Rivero is the author of several books for readers of all ages, including the award-winning The Smart Teen’s Guide to Living with Intensity and the children’s historical novel Oscar’s Gift. She has also worked as freelance book indexer for 20 years and is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering, where she teaches technical composition, creative thinking, psychology, and humanities courses.

Lisa’s writing career began with a food and cooking column in a Milwaukee-area food and wellness magazine, the Outpost Exchange, and, from there, grew to include newspaper and magazine articles, online articles, books on education and parenting, and children’s historical fiction. Her writing is eclectic as she writes about her current passions as a way to understand them. She is currently focusing on the Hattie Project: transcribing and writing creative non-fiction based upon the Great Plains diaries, 1920-1957, of her great-aunt Hattie.

In the process of doing research about Hattie and her place and times, Lisa discovered Oscar Micheaux, who, before he became a filmmaker, homesteaded on the same reservation where she grew up. Learning about his life led to the children’s historical novel Oscar’s Gift: Planting Words with Oscar Micheaux.

When she is not writing, Lisa teaches writing, technical composition, psychology, creative thinking, and humanities courses to wonderfully intense engineering, business, and nursing students at the  Milwaukee School of Engineering. She also enjoys speaking across the country about intensity, giftedness, learning, homeschooling, and creativity and writes a blog on these topics for Psychology Today.


  1. I came across one of the pictures you used, of a little girl writing in a notebook. Such a precious picture! So I had to follow the link to your site. I will explore your site further. Blessings.

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