V Is for Viktor Frankl

“If we seem to be idealists and are overestimating, overrating man… we promote him to what he really can be.” ~ Viktor Frankl

Following up on a couple of posts recently about Holocaust survivor and existential philosopher Viktor Frankl, this clip from 1972 shows Frankl explaining the value of presupposing a will and search for meaning in others:

Being idealistic about others—assuming that they, like us, are trying to figure out the meaning of this thing called life, even when it looks as though they aren’t—also is a matter of choosing trust over pessimism. Doing so while keeping healthy boundaries and not allowing ourselves to be taken advantage can be tricky, but I keep trying to find that balance.

VThis post is part of the April A to Z Blog Challenge. For more on my 2016 theme of Private Revolution, see A Is for Ambition. Click here to read all posts in the Private Revolution A to Z Challenge blog series. 

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