U Is for Unraveling (via Joy Navan)

I’ve toyed with several ideas for U entries (unruly, unfiltered blog post, uber), and they all are rather lame, especially in light of my friend Dr. Joy Navan’s post: “U Is for Unraveling.” It makes sense, therefore, to send you over to her site today. Enjoy.

“What are some of the knots, the conflicts, that gifted elders experience that are waiting to be resolved in the final stage of our lives?

Untying involves setting one’s agenda for the years (days/months?) that remain. Agenda-setting or goal-setting involves taking stock of our resources and proposing goals that respond to those realities. Thus, having surveyed my resources, I will never run a marathon, but I do intend to train as a marathon writer and to finish the three books that are in different stages of writing, to publish a book of poems, to read, to connect with loved ones, and to maintain my mobility during my final years. I will call on all the resources at hand to assist in untying and resolving those goals.” Read more

UThis post is part of the April A to Z Blog Challenge. For more on my 2016 theme of Private Revolution, see A Is for Ambition. Click here to read all posts in the Private Revolution A to Z Challenge blog series. 

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