H Is for Hidden Timber Books

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H Is for Hidden Timber Books

I know, you thought H would have to be for Hamilton given many of my recent posts, but this is news that just can’t wait.

Stanley book coverFor a while now, the idea has been bouncing around in my head to step into the world of small publishing. I already had a name—Hidden Timber Books—but I had no idea how I would begin.

Then I had a serendipitous conversation with my friend and fellow Wisconsin writer Christi Craig, who told me about a children’s picture book written by a woman in one of her writing classes. The project and my fledgling idea seemed a perfect match.

Later this month, Hidden Timber Books will be launching its inaugural title, The Adventures of a Sparrow Named Stanley, written by Betty Sydow and illustrated by Carolou Lennon Nelsen. I’d like to introduce you to the dynamic duo who tell Stanley’s story.

The Adventures of Betty and Carolou

Betty Sydow (standing) and Carolou Lennon Nelsen
Betty Sydow (standing) and Carolou Lennon Nelsen

Author Betty Sydow grew up and has spent most of her life in the Milwaukee area, enjoying camping, swimming, sailing, and racquet ball. After retiring from a 30-year nursing career, she stumbled upon a creative writing class and was hooked. The story of Stanley began as a fable but over a year’s time grew into a children’s book. She asked her artist friend Carolou if she would illustrate Stanley’s story, and, months later, Stanley came alive between the covers of his book.

Illustrator Carolou Lennon Nelsen grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, and spent most of her adult life in the Milwaukee area. She has worked as an art educator, raised two children, and has a master’s degree in social work. When her friend Betty Sydow asked her to illustrate her picture book about Stanley the sparrow, she was immediately drawn to its message of the strength of individuality.

I know you will fall in love with Stanley just as I have! Sign up here to receive updates of book availability and watch for more posts about my own new adventure.


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  1. Lisa, this is splendid news! How wonderful to start up your own small press publishing company!! Much success to you, Betty, and Carolou on this exciting venture!

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