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Are you more comfortable with convergent thinking or divergent thinking?

If you’re not sure (and even if you are), read “What Type of Thinker Are You?” by Toni Bernhard.

Convergent Thinking. Convergent is a form of the word “converging” and so it means “coming together.” Convergent thinking is what you engage in when you answer a multiple choice question (although, in real life, we often only see two choices). In convergent thinking, you begin by focusing on a limited number of choices as possibilities. Then you choose the “right” answer or course of action from among those choices.

Divergent Thinking. By contrast, divergent means “developing in different directions” and so divergent thinking opens your mind in all directions. This opens possibilities in your life because it leads you to look for options that aren’t necessarily apparent at first….A divergent thinker is looking for options as opposed to choosing among predetermined ones.

Divergent thinking is a crucial part of creativity, and Toni explains how it also plays an important role in everyday problem-solving and bigger life decisions.

Today’s post is short and sweet as I am juggling too many balls on this Wisconsin election Tuesday (but I did manage to vote!).