Blog Challenge Celebration! with Kool & the Gang

Thirty days ago I joined five other bloggers in a September Blog Challenge. Each of us committed to publishing 20 to 30 blog posts (or a goal of our choosing) during the month. Now, over 120 posts later, we can celebrate our success.

Why join or host a blog challenge? For me, I enjoyed getting to know fellow bloggers and their interests. The variety of posts and writing styles gave me a lot of new ideas and inspiration. Blog challenges have a built-in support system and accountability that can keep us blogging when motivation lags. I hope that everyone gained new readers, renewed momentum, and a sense of accomplishment.

Be sure to continue to read and visit The Cross-Cultured Condition, The Frog Lady, Commonplace & Curious, Marianne Kuzujanakis … on how I see, and Jo Freitag’s Sprite’s Site, Gifted Resources Blog, and Personas, profiles and portraits.

Now, let’s celebrate with Kool & the Gang (what were you doing in 1980?)

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