Baffling Squirrels

Last year, we had a new window installed in our living room. This summer, while I contemplate what flowers will grace our front flower bed, I decided to start with a couple of bird feeders, now that we have such a clear view.

We have already ceded the first feeder to the squirrels (in truth, they are fun to watch, so I don’t mind).

The second feeder, however, I want to keep for the birds, if for no other reason than the squirrels tip it so much that most of the bird seed falls to the mulch below.

After searching online for “keeping squirrels away from bird feeders,” I learned that one can buy (or make) something called a squirrel baffle, designed to keep squirrels away from bird feeders attached to poles or shepherd hooks.


Our shepherd hook is too low for the baffle to work in theory, but I’m going to give it a try before buying a taller hook.┬áStay tuned…. (my money is on the squirrels)

This post is part of the #30PostsHathSept Blog Challenge. So many good posts from everyone… seven more days to go!

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