Labor Day Parade 1968, Winner, South Dakota

First, thank you to everyone who is participating in the #30PostsHathSept Blog Challenge! Be sure to take a look at the posts so far, and remember that it’s not too late to add your own. All you need to do is write 20 to 30 blog posts in September. That still allows for four or five days off if you start this weekend. The purposes of the challenge are simple: use it for whatever you need to get back to blogging this fall, find and support other bloggers along the way, and have fun. Tomorrow I will highlight some of the participating bloggers, and on Monday I’ll share tips for writing daily or nearly daily blog posts when you are short on time or ideas (or both!).

Labor Day Parade 1968, Winner, South Dakota

In keeping with the spirit of this holiday weekend, I want to share the following family video of the 1968 Labor Day Parade in Winner, South Dakota. The silent film was shot by my uncle Bill Furrey (music added later). Several years ago Bill transferred his home movies to VHS tapes, and recently they have been digitized.

The parade shows a decidedly different era—the cars, the clothes, the hairstyles. And no cell phones.


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