Creative Homeschooling is an ebook!

This is National Parenting Gifted Children Week, so it seems appropriate mid-week to take a short break from our Get Serious About Writing series to let you know that my first book on homeschooling, Creative Homeschooling: A Guide for Smart Families, is in its 2nd edition as an ebook!

This new digital edition, available on and Barnes & Noble, has updated links and resources and some reorganization to help families better understand their bright, curious, creative, quirky children and give them what they need to learn—or, more often than not, to get out of their way to allow them to learn.

I am always excited to share my passion for homeschooling. Our son is now 22, married and in law school, and he doesn’t regret for a moment his choice to homeschool for ten years, through high school. It was the best decision our family ever made, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Creative Homeschooling, by Lisa Rivero (ebook)Editorial reviews for the book’s first edition (from the Amazon website):

  • “Exceptional!” — Today’s Books, Best Reads, May 27, 2002
  • “Buy this one quickly! I’ve re-read it twice and still find ‘new’ nuggets to ponder. What a gem!” — Beth’s Library, October, 2002
  • “From parents to teachers to camp counselors, this is a great guide for any educator.” — Bookpage, August, 2002
  • “The list of resources available is of good quality and will be reused many times in our household.” — Outlook, Minnesota Council for the Gifted & Talented, July/August, 2002
  • “A must read for any home schooling parents and useful for any teacher of gifted students.” –Joni Lawver, Nebraska Association for the Gifted Newsletter, Fall, 2002
  • “…incorporates a wealth of best practice research and advice from home schooling veterans.” — Gifted and Talented International, Fall, 2002
  • “This work will become a major resource for parents and educators of the gifted.” — Gifted Education News-Page, Volume II, Number 6
  • Winner of the 2003 Glyph Award! — Glyph Awards!
  • “A solid, accessible, ‘user friendly’ guide packed with advice, information, ideas, and insights on homeschooling especially gifted children” –Midwest Book Review, Spring, 2002

4 thoughts on “Creative Homeschooling is an ebook!

  1. This book is an excellent resource for parents of gifted children, very helpful if you are trying to make that decision to home school your child(ren). This is the # 1 book all parents should(a must read) read. Thank you so much Lisa! And I did get the great pleasure to meet you Lisa a few years ago when you were a speaker at the Davidson Summit in Nevada. All your books are wonderfully written. Thank you! 🙂

    • Dee, thank you very much for taking the time to write this! You made my day. I hope all is going well with your family. I miss our homeschooling years. 🙂

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