Found poetry from historical diaries

Because I will be traveling for the next couple of days, I am including several five-line poems here from Hattie’s entries for April 18 – April 21 and will resume daily poems on April 22 through the end of the month. Have a wonder-filled and peaceful weekend, everyone!

April 18, 1921: Busy

Getting water twice a day
and milk on morning trip
with watering hogs
and a nap after dinner
keep me busy.

April 19, 1933: Worry

Lighted candle on bedroom dresser
caught things afire, 22 shell
exploded, hit Thomas on neck
not knowing seriousness of wound
William and I worred terribly.

April 20, 1930: Mrs. Tate

We met Mrs. Tate
who was Eva Rothley
of Dallas, South Dakota
and Will was best man
so he feels puffed up.

April 20, 1945: Gone

The old man who lived
near the bridge is gone
also his shack
never asked anyone
where he is.

April 20, 1954: Mitchell Motel

Got a room at Stephens Motel
double bed, small closet with hooks
kitchenette with small range
sink and bath complete with
lavatory, stool and tub.

April 21, 1939: Claim

Narvin took hay to River Pasture
cows and small calves followed him
one cow’s calf died
she wanted to claim the others
so he put her in round corral

Interior of claim shack, Quinn S.D.
Interior of claim shack, Quinn S.D. circa 1905. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
April 18, 1921
April 18, 1921
April 19, 1933 (part 1)
April 19, 1933 (part 1)
April 19, 1933 (part 2)
April 19, 1933 (part 2)
April 20, 1930
April 20, 1930
April 20, 1945
April 20, 1945
April 20, 1954
April 20, 1954
April 21, 1939
April 21, 1939
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