April 4, 1943: Still It Rains

The NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) prompt for today is to write a lune (an American Haiku). The poem below uses Jack Collum’s lune variant, which is a simple three-line poem of three words, five words, and three words.

The words and phrases are all taken directly from my great aunt Hattie’s Great Plains diaries for April 4, 1943 and the days before and after.

April 4, 1943: Still It Rains

Cows are calving
morning and evening, a few
each day now.

Last fall’s calves
in barn so we haul
water from well.

Card from Nellie
Fred wounded somewhere in England
written last Friday.

Went to Valentine
pile of railroad ties burning
took the crowd.

Harry liked rutabagas
I had cooked with beef
I am glad.

Still it rains.
We put cobs in sacks
and ate sardines.


Harry liked rutabagas

Still it rains

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